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Meet Junior Mbambi

Junior Mbambi is chief marketing officer for TestSoftware LLC. He is responsible for linking the innovations of the company’s product team to the customer-focused operations of the business units to build the TestSoftware LLC global brand, create consumer awareness and advocacy, and drive customer preference for the brand through all channels, every day.
In this role, Junior oversees the global management of TestSoftware’s brand, including consumer insights, digital marketing, creative development and agency management, marketing effectiveness, social responsibility, sponsorships, media and employee communications. Given the demonstrated power of big data and digital marketing, Scotti also oversees the leveraging of Verizon’s current capabilities to help build its global brand.

TestSoftware Being People Choice - Portland, ME, USA Startup weekend 2013

TestSoftware came up with a great idea of the wifi portal for the city of portland Maine USA during the startup weekend. The project was voted to be the people choice out of all other projects.

by John 3 hours ago

Our New Look Website

As part of our website upgrade we’ve moved testprosoftware.net onto a new hosting platform. At the same time we’ve given the look of our site a makeover too, so you might notice that things look a little different. Moving our website means we’ve moved your account too ? Not at all. It’s nothing to worry about – your account is still secure and you can still shop online with us as normal. We don’t anticipate any major problems, but there’s a small possibility that any changes you have made to your account over the last few weeks may not have been saved. This will only apply to a very small amount of our customers, but if you think this has happened to you, please read these FAQs as you’ll be able to quickly and easily correct anything that’s wrong.

by John 5 hours ago

Errel Black Is Out

Errel School Management System Is a Complete Academic Dynamic Stack of Management Application (Like : School, College, Universities Etc). At Present World, Education System Is Growing Up with Online Digital System. Recently Our Innovative Product Is The Most Powerful, High Security, Time And Money Saver, Easiest, Dynamic Erp Solution For Your Institution.

TestSoftware Business Suite

We're moving! See www.testprosoftware.net for more info. TestSoftware Business Suite is a fully functional ERP/CRM/MFG/SCM/POS/EHR system suitable for small and large enterprise/organization adoption. The software is fully open source and supported by an international community of developers and system experts.

by John 5 hours ago