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Companies using PHP frameworks

Companies choose TestSoftware because

Top notch technology

Stay at the top of the trends, we have used the latest tools and frameworks to keep your web neat and nice.

Reduce development time

Because time matters. We have built TestSoftware to make your development and launching process as fast as possible.

Ready-to-use content

TestSoftware comes with multiple apps and design interfaces which you can use 'right out of the box', you just focus on your business.

A complete solution for all your business needs

Take the control of your ERPs with TestSoftware. You can customize the theme and software according to your needs or just use the ready-to-use content we made for you




Clean code





awesome feature

Easy customizable

TestSoftware Suite, from looking at its code and some examples, it completly well written, supports easy extensions of the model as well as the behaviour and has a nice user interface. The basic functionality are reasonable and not too complex. Our products got quite a reputation since some of the US companies ERPs we're built on top of it. It is written in php, in a cake-php like manner (which means you just need to supply methods with certain names to let the framework do all that magic stuff.

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Browser compatibility

Supported Browsers.
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE.
Customize select minimum browser version, Change and translate message shown to customers. Change styling i.e. background colour, background opacity Show links where customers can download updated browser version.
Compatibility (IE8+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) web and mobile.

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Full documentation

We are using the document.testsoftware.com Manager to add our Product Documents to a custom tab for each of our product. We can add the following shortcode to embed the Product Documents menu anywhere shortcodes are allowed on your site.

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Unlimited possibilities

TestSoftware Suite of customizable ERP product allows you to modify and extends your software product in many ways. Codes are easily written and all ready to be used for any ERP purpose.

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After we've tried every possible ERPs in the market, we found TestSoftware ERP suite and it was the only with all the features we're looking for.

Dave Dis, Head Of Operations

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